13 Coastal Farmhouse Bedroom Design Ideas

Coastal-style bedrooms can be modern or rustic, but they should always have a bright and spacious feel, abundant natural light, and rich natural textures! Creativity personal-themed design is ideal for people who prefer to begin and close the days in a calm environment that evokes the sensation of a beach vacation.

Check out a bunch of our favorite coastal farmhouse bedroom designs from Houzz. We have linked every image to the designer so you can either look at more of their work or hire them yourself!

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13 Coastal Farmhouse Bedroom Designs

1. Beach Style

Photo by Stephen Alexander Homes & Neighborhoods

2. Jacksonville

Photo by Inhabit Interiors

3. Cottage Bedroom

Photo by C&C Designs LLC

4. Country Bedroom

Photo by Alair Homes Green Bay

5. Farmhouse Style

Photo by Inhabit Interiors

6. Rebecca Westover

Photo by Remedy Design Firm

7. Orange County

Photo by Nexus Building and Design

8. Cottage Bedroom

Photo by C&C Designs LLC

9. Country Bedroom


10. Guest Suite

Photo by Susan Corsten Interiors

11. Green Bay

Photo by Alair Homes Green Bay

12. Coastal Neutral

Photo by Kimberley Kay Interiors

13. Orange County

Photo by Nexus Building and Design

5 Coastal Farmhouse Bedroom Design Tips

To prolong beachy feelings or subtle your likeness in a coastal bedroom full of comfort and excitement, ensure you follow the below tips: 

1. Add Colors

Addition of bedspreads and cushions, wall art, tabletop decorations, and even carpets, these colors are used throughout the room. Because coastal style is all about the laid-back vibe, make sure your colors convey that impression.

2. Use Natural Fiber Material

Use natural fibers like rattan, rope, and other woven textures for your project’s materials. This bedroom plan is best done with a more open and flowing design. 

If you’re ready for a fiber touch, go for a more casual look with mismatched nightstands, a reading corner, or even a desk or dresser converted into a nightstand!

3. A window placement consideration

The bedroom windows should be strategically placed to maximize the amount of natural light that enters the space. This is because a coastal bedroom should be light and airy. 

4. Suitable bedding for the bed

Consider a headboard made of weathered woods or caning features. For a more refined aesthetic, go with an upholstered bed in a sandy or white neutral covered in an eye-catching woven pattern.

Also, a velvet headboard in a coastal blue would be a nice touch, but you could also go with something more out of the ordinary. The bedding should be comfortable and warm with plenty of natural fibers. Linen sheets and a linen duvet are ideal for this season!

5. Give it A Coastal Touch.

There are variations of a theme! Think light and natural or white-washed woods and rattan elements for other furniture, such as dressers, desks, and chairs. 

A woven jute rug is a sure bet for finding the perfect floor covering. However, patterned rugs in blues and grays are also an option. 

Get your creative juices flowing and dream about the perfect coastal-themed bedroom retreat. Or are you just looking for some inspiration for a coastal bedroom design? Let us inspire you with our vast collection of seaside bedroom decor ideas!

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