18 Gorgeous Nautical Theme Dining Room Design Ideas

A nautical theme dining room is a popular and timeless design style that brings the beauty and elegance of the sea into your home. Whether you live near the coast or just want to create a coastal-inspired dining room, these design ideas will help you create a space that feels inviting, relaxing, and timeless.

  1. Use blue and white colors One of the hallmarks of a nautical theme dining room is the use of blue and white colors. These colors reflect the colors of the sea and sky and create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Use these colors on walls, furniture, and accents to create a cohesive look.
  2. Add a touch of wood Wood is an important element in nautical design, as it represents the natural beauty of the sea. Incorporate wood elements into your dining room design by using wooden furniture, such as a dining table or chairs, or by adding a wooden accent wall.
  3. Incorporate nautical accents Nautical accents such as anchors, ships wheels, and ropes can add a fun and coastal touch to your dining room. Use these accents as decor, or incorporate them into your design as knobs on cabinetry or as a unique chandelier.
  4. Use natural lighting Natural light is an important element in nautical design, so make sure your dining room has plenty of it. Use large windows or skylights to let the light in, or even add a sunroom or enclosed porch to your dining room to create a nautical-inspired outdoor space.
  5. Use natural textures Incorporating natural textures like jute, sea grass and linen into your dining room design will add to the nautical feel. Use these materials for flooring, window treatments, or as accent pieces.
  6. Incorporate vintage accents Vintage accents such as old maps, compass, or even vintage ships’ lanterns can add a unique touch to your nautical theme dining room. These accents can be used to display decor or as unique pieces of artwork.
  7. Use a mix of different seating options In a nautical-themed dining room, you can incorporate different seating options such as a traditional dining table and chairs, a bench, or even a hammock-style seating area to create an inviting and relaxing space.

Check out a bunch of our favorite nautical theme dining room designs from Houzz. We have linked every image to the designer so you can either look at more of their work or hire them yourself!

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18 Nautical Dining Room Designs

1. Thomasville

Photo by West Coast LivingBrowse dining room ideas

2. Beachfront

Photo by Benchmark Wood & Design StudiosDiscover dining room design inspiration

3. Piedmont

Photo by John Malick & AssociatesMore dining room ideas

4. Nautical Scandinavian

Photo by Urban Habitat DesignSearch dining room design ideas

5. Ocean

Photo by Kathy Marshall DesignBrowse dining room ideas

6. Shades Of The Sea

Photo by Bliss Home & DesignMore dining room ideas

7. Natural Ornamentation

Photo by Zieba Builders, Inc.Browse dining room photos

8. Holiday Home

Photo by Erica Bryen DesignSearch dining room pictures

9. Blue Seas

Photo by Hurlbutt DesignsMore dining room ideas

10. Brilliance

Photo by tuthill architectureBrowse dining room idea

11. Nautical Cottage

Photo by Schulte DesignSearch dining room picture

12. Malvern Residence

Photo by Sarah Hermans InteriorsLook for dining room design inspiration

13. Senators

Photo by Echelon InteriorsLook for dining room design inspiration

14. Beach Bungalowbe

Photo by Cortney Bishop DesignBrowse dining room ideas

15. Waterfront

Photo by Bruce Palmer Design StudioSearch dining room design ideas

16. Ocean 

Photo by Brandon Architects, Inc.Browse dining room ideas

17. Miami cottage

Photo by JPT Design Associates, LLCSearch dining room pictures

18. Casual

Photo by Emily Moss DesignsBrowse dining room ideas

Creating a nautical theme dining room is all about bringing the beauty and elegance of the sea into your home. By using blue and white colors, incorporating nautical accents, and using natural lighting and textures, you can create a dining room that feels like a coastal retreat right in your own home.

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