10 Stunning Coastal Farmhouse Living Room Design Ideas

The Stunning Coastal Farmhouse look is about achieving the balance between the modern and classic. Coastal Farmhouse’s living room design tends to be warm, relaxing, and often organized around a central belief of practicality. The industrial lighting that provides that rustic touch and open concept furniture gives it that modern look. Coastal Farmhouse living room … Read more

10 Elegant Beach Style Bedroom Ideas

A bedroom is one of the most individual spaces within a home; it needs to balance being chic and tranquil. The bedroom is the private place you go to escape from the rush of the day, recharge for the next, and dream about what’s to come, which is why your room needs to be a … Read more

10 Beautiful Coastal Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas

Are you looking for beautiful coastal farmhouse kitchen design ideas and inspirations? Decorating the kitchen in your coastal farmhouse or summer home can be difficult. Many people just prefer to paint the cabinets blue in their kitchen and call it a day, but there are so many ways to decorate a kitchen in the coastal … Read more

How To Create A Relaxed Coastal Style In Your Home

If, like me, you’re spending more time at home than ever, you’ll already know how important it is that you love the space you live in. Well chosen coastal home decor will help add that cosy but bright feel to your home. While it’s similar to the ever-popular farmhouse aesthetic, it’s often brighter and slightly … Read more

Totally Brilliant Home Decor Hacks For Busy People

I know the DIY hacks on Pinterest look super cool, but I also know that, like me, you have absolutely no time to make them happen. But you still want your house to look beautiful, right? I’ve got you! These hacks are totally brilliant, super cheap and perfect for busy people. 1. Hang everything with … Read more

Luxurious & Affordable Coastal Soft Furnishings

cosy blankets and cushions

Discover stunning coastal soft furnishings for your home. Including throw cushions for your bedroom, throws for your sofa and rugs for all over the house. These will suit a farmhouse, a beach house and even a minimalist apartment! Rugs Cushions Throws Baskets Rugs Throw Cushions Throws & Blankets Baskets To Store Your Throws In!

35 Coastal Home Decor Upgrades You Can Get For $25 Or Less

If like me you’re spending more time at home than ever, you need to see these 17 home decor upgrades that are super stylish, practical and cool. There’s a selection here for all rooms in your house, so have a browse and decide what’s right for you! 1. Jute Rug Runner This jute runner will … Read more

Teen Room Decor For Kids Who Love The Beach & Ocean!

Teen Room Decor For Kids Who Love The Beach & Ocean!

So many kids out there love the beach, and so often, there just isn’t the decor out there to help them make their bedroom their own! So we’ve complied a list of the best room decor for teens who love surfing, swimming and sand! 1. Shell String Lights These shell string lights will brighten up … Read more

6 Ways To Create The Nautical Bathroom Of Your Dreams

6 Ways To Create The Nautical Bathroom Of Your Dreams

This how-to guide will help you to get the nautical bathroom aesthetic you’ve always dreamed of. You’ll find out about colours, decor and exactly how to keep things classy. Follow this guide and you’ll have your dream coastal bathroom in no time! Think Colour Choose A Nautical Centrepiece Add Natural Accents Simple But Cute Decorations … Read more