21 Coastal Style Living Room Design Ideas

Seaside features and hues form the coastal cottage design. The relaxing mood is created by the sand, debris, rope, shell, and sunshine bouncing off the ocean. Employ those characteristics in a straightforward and straightforward manner. The idea is to provide the feeling of a daylight breeze and serenity within even without the clutter of sand.

Check out a bunch of our favorite coastal-inspired living room designs from Houzz. We have linked every image to the designer so you can either look at more of their work or hire them yourself!

21 Coastal Style Living Room Designs

1. Bent Palms

Photo by Kukk Architecture & Design P.A.More living room photos

2. Cape Cod Getaway

Photo by Nina Kierulf Interior Design LLCDiscover living room design inspiration

3. North Point

Photo by George Gray PhotographyLook for living room design inspiration

4. Painting the New England Coast Line

Photo by Alpha PaintingMore living room photos

5. Coronado Beach House

Photo by Kim Grant Design IncSearch living room design ideas

6. Lakeside Estate

Photo by Gemma Parker Design, LLCMore living room ideas

7. Vermilion

Photo by Geoff Chick & AssociatesBrowse living room ideas

8. Excelsior

Photo by Chic on the CheapMore living room ideas

9. Cozy Lake Cottage

Photo by Visbeen ArchitectsMore living room ideas

10. Coastal Bliss

Photo by Leah Muller InteriorsSearch living room design ideas

11. Sunroom

Photo by LDa Architecture & InteriorsSearch living room design ideas

12. Beach Cottage

Photo by White Sands Coastal DevelopmentDiscover living room ideas

13. Calabrese

Photo by CDV InteriorsLook for living room design inspiration

14. Sullivans Island Beach House

Photo by Beau Clowney ArchitectsSearch living room pictures

15. Brick fireplace

Photo by Coastal Signature HomesLook for living room pictures

16. Shinnecock Hills

Photo by Pamela Glazer ArchitectLook for living room pictures

17. Bayshores Drive House

Photo by Brandon Architects, Inc.Search living room design ideas

18. Nautical Theme

Photo by Sylco CabinetryDiscover living room design inspiration

19. Rustic Coastal Themed

Photo by Echelon InteriorsMore living room ideas

20. Open Concept Living Room

Photo by Marcel Page PhotographyMore living room ideas

21. Waterfront

Photo by Bruce Palmer Design StudioSearch living room pictures

Coastal Interior Decorating Features

When arranging a seaside cottage design, keep in mind that nothing should be too dominating, just like the beach. Colors have to be a mix of neutrals and bright pops of color, such as sand and addition to the definition. Adding dimensionality to a place by layering comparable hues and tints is a great technique to avoid getting carried away. To finish the effect, add a touch of elegance with rope, firewood, or shells.

It’s also a good idea to start with textures that inspire warmth, such as raffia and hardwood. Then consider bringing the environment in by introducing a plethora of plants and maybe some picnic tables to provide you all the tropics vibes for that self-development and self getaway. Our best piece of advice, on the other hand? Nothing must feel too precious; a seaside house should evoke feelings of serenity, joy, and remembrance in you. Depending on your accessibility to the sea, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites vacation home decor to help you to achieve your perfect summer house.

“The lines the materials in the room should be soothing.” — Martha McNamara, Vevano Home’s Director of Style and Product

Coastal interior architecture themes are increasingly blending with sophisticated home interior designs. To start from scratch, the best pieces of both worlds must come together. A peaceful mood is created by the combination of modernistic clean lines with the warm tones and comfort of the coastline. Contemporary coastal provides designers with more versatility and decoration, whereas futuristic can appear cold.

Incorporate a Coastal Style into Your Home

  • Go Bold: The shoreline is known for its bright, colorful hues. The possibilities are boundless, from pink Tropical beaches to turquoise oceans and palm leaf green. Choose a focal point for color—front doors have a significant impact and are an effective tool for improving your living area aesthetic appeal goes all out.
  • Boost Your Fibers: The luscious feel of natural fiber would be missing from any seaside house. Using woven textures in your decoration, whether this is jute, seagrass beds, or sisal, integrates the indoors during the surroundings and gives your property a more informal vibe. Consider a fiber reinforced rug, which is extremely durable and looks wonderful in almost any setting. Incorporate a Coastal Style into Your Home.
  • Add Sass With Grass: Maybe not a patterns hound, but yearning for the intrigue that wallpaper provides? Consider using adorned with white to cover your walls. The subtle, exquisite level of resilience that extra slight amount of interior decoration power and torque to a comforting ocean space without overpowering it.
  • Neutrals Should Be Layered: Another all seaside room is undoubtedly relaxing (it’s also thought to encourage serenity and clarity). Vary the hues and materials to avoid it looking flat. Clean white walls contrast with rustic wood beams ceilings, a bleaching instinctual rug, and a smooth concrete console table in this light-filled living room. Warmth is provided with beige, timber, and foliage accents.
  • Allow the Light to Enter: Usually once had to block off a veranda or shade a bright apartment, sheer draperies are the ideal seaside window covering. They include some solitude while maintaining the breezy, light-filled feel that we should all associate with seaside homes.
  • Open up: The view is extremely important when it comes to coastal buildings. Rather than cramming your kitchen with cabinets, opt for a kitchen peninsula. It’s still useful, but it shifts the attention of the kitchen to a more welcome sight, such as a striking vista or a trendy countertop. It’s also extremely visitor, making it much easier for guests and family to assist them.


Beach houses are known for their no-shoes-off attitude, which implies that handling something really tenderly is almost always a no-no (hallelujah!). “Including around the seaside, you never want to construct a home that feels too valuable to genuinely live in,” designer Tim Clarke remarked. Use natural-looking materials, such as reclaimed wood dining tables lined, and take a less formal, more passive attitude to decorate (e.g., a chunky throw strewn over the back of an armchair).

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