18 Ideas for Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom

A coastal bathroom is a must-have for every coastal community. When you come into a home, bathrooms aren’t the first thing you see. They are strategically located where your home’s style is brought together.

If you’re looking for an easy but strenuous way to create a coastal-themed bathroom in your home, this is it. Use beach-inspired colors and a few luxuries to transform your bathroom into a relaxing getaway.

Check out a bunch of our favorite coastal-inspired bathroom designs from Houzz. We have linked every image to the designer so you can either look at more of their work or hire them yourself!

18 Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom Designs

1. Lake Minnetonka

Photo by Engstrom Wood ProductsDiscover bathroom design inspiration

2. Blue Ocean

Photo by Tongue & Groove Design+Build By Mark BatsonSearch bathroom pictures

3. Cottage Bathroom

Photo by C&C Designs LLCMore bathroom photos

4. Palm Breeze

Photo by Bob Chatham Custom Home DesignBrowse bathroom photos

5. Gray Theme

Photo by C&C Designs LLCDiscover bathroom design ideas

6. Beige Cabinets

Photo by Southern Grace InteriorsLook for bathroom design inspiration

7. Rustic

Photo by JL Builders, LLCSearch bathroom pictures

8. Sea Side

Photo by Nina Williams InteriorsMore bathroom ideas

9. Guest Suite

Photo by Susan Corsten InteriorsBrowse bathroom ideas

10. Marble Floor

Photo by Stephen Alexander Homes & NeighborhoodsBrowse bathroom photos

11. Hexagon

Photo by Inhabit InteriorsLook for bathroom design inspiration

12. Wodden Design

Photo by C&C Designs LLCLook for bathroom pictures

13.  Barn Retreat

Photo by Coastal Home Design StudioDiscover bathroom design ideas

14. Chandelier

Photo by JL Builders, LLCBrowse bathroom photos

15. Shabby Chic

Photo by Coastal Designs Inc.Browse bathroom photos

16. San Marcos

Photo by Coastal Home Design StudioDiscover bathroom design ideas

17. Cottage Bathroom

Photo by Coastal Craftsmen, LLCLook for bathroom pictures

18. New Orleans

Photo by JL Builders, LLCMore bathroom photos

5 Tips for Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom Design Ideas

These ideas will teach you to create a seaside bathroom that feels like a vacation destination.

1. Put up a Colorful Wallpaper Arrangement

Coastal architecture is whimsical by its very nature; after all, it takes its cues from the beach. Don’t be afraid to go quirky with patterned wallpaper in a classic seaside color. You enjoy looking at a suitable wallpaper that will look good in your room.

2. Stock Beautiful Beach Photos 

Creating a beachy vibe in your bathroom is a surprisingly simple task. Take a lot of pictures at the beach. It’s a little hard to miss the ornate flourish. You and your guests will feel like you’ve stepped right into the sand when you serve this.

3. Maintain a Breathtaking Sense of Space.

White walls can help you attain the light and airy aesthetic connected with coastal design. Because it’s so straightforward, you’ll have an excellent environment for experimenting with bright colors and seaside textures in your bathroom.

4. Add Rug to Little Space.

Toes can get a harsh awakening when they step out of the shower or bathtub on a bathroom floor that is icy and slick. You may make your bathroom feel homier by adding some design to your bath mat or using a woven waterproof rug.

5. Make an Impressive Investment 

Add a few finishing touches to your bathroom to make it feel like a luxury hotel. If you don’t already have a matching soap and lotion set, get yourself a nice hand towel and keep some additional linens on hand.

When you add these little touches to your bathroom, you’ll feel like a million bucks. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our collection of farmhouse bathroom design ideas.

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