Farmhouse Fall Decor To Take Your Interior Style Into The Colder Months

As the months get cooler, you’ll want to make sure that your decor is cosy and comforting. While a coastal or beach finish is perfect for summer, there are some affordable ways you can change it up through fall. Remember, soft furnishings (which are easy to store away) are your friend!

1. Layer textiles using blankets

Whether you’re layering over sofas or beds, these blankets will add depth to a room. Plus, you can be selective around color – opt for plaid if you really want to get that Country House aesthetic! Shop fall blankets here.

2. Invest in candles for an atmospheric cosy space

As the days get shorter, you’ll find yourself spending more time indoors. Make time in the evenings feel warm and special with the flicker of candle light. You can buy electric ones or real ones with scents of fall.

3. Create a fall centrepiece for your dining table

A fall centrepiece is a super easy and cost effective way to make your home feel ready for the cooler months. All you need is an array of pumpkins, glass vases, branches and candles. Shop glass vases here.

4. Display gourds in a bowl in your kitchen

All you need is a wooden bowl and a whole lot of gourds. Plus, you can replace them as the seasons change, creating a constant centrepiece. Shop wooden bowls here.

5. Invest in some tartan (if it will work with your existing style)

Tartan is the perfect way to go from country farmhouse to Scottish castle! A little tartan will also add depth – and don’t be afraid of reds! Shop blankets here.

6. Replace existing scents with cinnamon or nutmeg

Nothing says ‘we’re ready for fall’ than the smell of a cosy home. Greet guests instantly by changing up your air scent. Shop fall air diffusers here.

7. Hide cold laminate or tiling with a rug

In summer, laminate flooring is perfect for flip-flops and bare feet. Change it up into fall by laying out a rug which will hide any cold spaces. Explore all our rugs here.

8. Fill empty fireplaces with logs and / or candles

The perfect way to make any empty fireplace the centre of the room. Get treated birch logs here.

9. Invest in natural woven baskets to hide clutter and extra blankets

Baskets are the best way to add natural materials to a room and hide away clutter. You can use them for toys and blankets in your living room or even as a hamper in bedrooms. Discover our collection of woven baskets here.

10. Replace cushions

If you can afford to and have the storage space, consider replacing your cushions in bedrooms and living rooms with a fall alternative. You can find lots of fall cushions here.

11. Surprise guests with the odd pumpkin

Delight and surprise your guests by decorating spaces with fun pumpkins. Hide them in the pantry, kitchen or entrance hall. Shop chic alternative white pumpkins here.

12. Embrace rustic style

Now is the time to embrace a truly rustic finish. Whether it’s changing up your lighting or buying that mirror with a wooden rustic frame, it will really be the perfect addition to your home through fall. Discover rustic mirrors here.

13. Accessorise with vintage details

You’ll be amazed how vintage accessories can bring together a farmhouse aesthetic. Think ornate silver vases for your flowers or elaborate picture frames. Shop vintage vases here.

14. Invest in dried flowers

It’s the perfect time of year to invest in dried flowers which you can display all around the home. Discover hassle-free foliage in a vase, or tie your flowers with brown string and use them to decorate book cases. Buy dried lavender here, dried wheat stalks here and dried cotton here.

15. Create a pumpkin lined trail to your home

This adorable addition to your home will delight children on Halloween and guests. Plus, it will really brighten up the neighbourhood. Shop pumpkins here.

16. Make the outdoors cosy for dry evenings

Make the most of dry evenings on the porch with blankets, string lighting and even a fire pit. You’ll be amazed of the memories you can make in that cosy time spent with family and friends. Shop string lights for the outdoors here.

17. Lean into deeper colors

And finally, don’t be afraid to lean into deeper colours. Maroons, deep purples and dark greens make the perfect accent colours to those whitewashed walls of your farmhouse.

If you’re looking for more decor, shop our Coastal Farmhouse interior design style here.

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