Totally Brilliant Home Decor Hacks For Busy People

I know the DIY hacks on Pinterest look super cool, but I also know that, like me, you have absolutely no time to make them happen. But you still want your house to look beautiful, right? I’ve got you! These hacks are totally brilliant, super cheap and perfect for busy people.

1. Hang everything with command hooks & command strips

Command hooks are life-changing for homeowners and renters alike. Not only can you hang your favorite art / mirror / plant without fear of it falling, but you’re also safe in the knowledge that you can remove these hooks, and strips without damaging the walls.

2. Create your own curtain ties with cheap jute rope

Often cheaper and more fitting to a farmhouse aesthetic, jute rope is a super easy way to tie back curtains without making holes in the walls.

3. Paint your door frames for a subtle but chic pop of color

In an otherwise pale room, you can add a pop of modernist interior design with painted door frames. Think bright colors that will still blend in with rooms. Deep navy blues or bright yellows work well.

4. Decant your mouthwash

A surefire way to make your bathroom more chic is to decant your mouthwash into another, reusable bottle. Get rid of that horrible ‘Listerine’ branding and create a more minimal aesthetic. Get the one above here.

5. Light candles in a fireplace

Empty fireplaces can often make a room look a bit hollow. Why not turn your fireplace into a centrepiece by placing candles there? They’ll really help add to the atmosphere of your living room in the evening. You can get soy candles here or electric ones here.

6. Fill small holes on white walls with toothpaste (if you don’t have filler)

This is an absolute hack which has served me well when renting, and just in day to day life now! Small (very small) holes made from picture nails can easily and quickly be filled in with toothpaste. Not only will it seamlessly fill the hole, it’s also usually the same color as the wall! Of course, you can also just use filler – this one is an all-in-one tube!

7. Cover old laminate floors with…new stick on laminate

You’ll be amazed at how much better your kitchen or entrance hall will look with crack-less, seamless flooring. You can get super chic wooden laminate or grey tiled looks which just stick onto your existing floor!

8. Hang mirrors with rope

This hack can take a fairly plain mirror into an item that’s super chic and unique. This will particularly suit farmhouses, and is great when your hook for the mirror is too high! Check out our collection of mirrors here.

9. Partially paint walls

paint a wall

Brilliant for homes and apartments with low ceilings. Partially painting walls, using a darker color at the bottom can make rooms appear taller and therefore larger.

10. Hang mirrors behind lamps

Make the most of your existing lighting my hanging mirrors behind them. This will reflect the light across the room, therefore increasing how bright it is! Shop mirrors here and lamps here.

11. Replace the legs on old sofas and armchairs

Can’t afford mid-century-modern decor? No problem! Change up scuffed legs on armchairs and sofas with super modern options. Find the perfect chair legs for your home here.

12. Upgrade surfaces with marble contact paper

This is a really great hack for old kitchen work-surfaces and islands, or even side tables in your living room. Marble paper looks super chic and will suit almost any existing table leg. Plus this stuff has over 7,500 reviews and 4 stars on Amazon!

13. Cover old armchairs with a throw

My old second hand armchair (which is still incredibly comfortable) looks so much better with a throw and a couple of cushions added! This is also a great hack if you have existing furniture in your rented apartment and you’re not a fan of the color/pattern. You can get the throw pictured here, or shop our collection.

14. Add more filling to your cushions

cushions filled

Instantly improve the look and feel of a bedroom or living by plumping the cushions. Gone are the days of flat, sad looking cushions! Buy filler here.

15. Create stylish accent walls using tape and paint

Have you seen this hack on Tik-Tok yet? By using tape, you can create geometric shapes on a wall. Then, paint the spaces with whichever colors match your style or furniture. Get essential painters tape here.

16. Organise hangers with tape

A brilliant hack for people with too many clothes! Using colored tape, you can categorise your hangers according to the type of clothing item on them.

17. Spray paint your hangers

Fed up of boring wooden or even wire hangers? Instantly give them a glow-up by spray painting them gold or black.

18. Fill empty fireplaces (or spaces besides fireplaces) with logs

living room with logs by fireplace

Empty fireplaces in living rooms can be an eye-sore. Decorate them with logs to help make the space more of a feature. You can actually buy birch logs on Amazon here.

19. Create custom wallpaper with a stencil

If you’re creative and have a good eye, you can purchase a stencil which you can spray paint over. This is brilliant for all rooms in your home. Shop very chic stencils (like the one above) here.

20. Add a frame to your bathroom mirror

It’s easier than you think to create a bespoke frame for your boring bathroom mirrors. All you need is some skirting board, liquid nails and paint! You can also opt to use rope to frame a round mirror.

21. Hang plants from the ceiling if you’re running out of surface space

If you live in a small, but perfectly formed, space, you might be running out of space for your plant friends. Using these macrame hangers and some command hooks, you can save space by hanging them from ceilings.

22. Paint a kitchen cabinet with chalkboard paint

A brilliant hack for busy people whose schedules don’t always overlap! Paint one cupboard door with chalkboard paint and use it for cute messages or shopping lists!

23. Pot cacti and succulents in teacups

This vintage-style hack will look cute in country farmhouse kitchens. Pot your plants in teacups for an adorable finish. You can even use them to pot herbs, but slow-growing plants are a better long-term fit.

24. Decorate with books

decorative books

As a self-declared reading-addict, you know that you can decorate with books! If you’re not worried about how they’re ordered, you can sort by color. However, you can also thrift vintage books and create a shabby-chic shelf. Shop shelving here.

25. Hang alternative art in your bathroom

Gone are the days of boring art in the bathroom. I’m a big fan of fun vintage posters, however, I also love more informative art, like these posters on sailboats. Perfect for a nautical finish!

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