11 Coastal Inspired Bathroom Ideas

Bathrooms with coastal styles use colors and textures that reflect the seaside. Designing a modern coastal bathroom requires the use of natural materials and neutral tones.

Bathrooms in coastal towns are generally all white, with brushed nickel faucets, white or timber vanities, and furnishings adorned with natural wood accents to enhance warmth. It’s just a matter of balancing the space with light surface areas and ensuring there’s a lot of natural light to maintain its bright, airy feel. It has a showering area and a seating set. The wooden boards also serve as a bench.

Using white and blue subway tiles in bathrooms gives a Victorian-inspired design, and it’s popular among those who want a beach-style bathroom. Blue accent walls really add character to the bathroom and can completely transform the space.

It’s important to have natural light while also ensuring privacy. So, consider how each bathroom looks from the outside and from various angles. Therefore, use blinds and curtains, or you can use sanded glass as well. If space is limited, install a window in the bathroom or shower, or above the bathroom screen.

Here are some coastal bathroom design ideas that can help you capture the sunny and breezy vibes of the sea.

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