How To Create A Relaxed Coastal Style In Your Home

If, like me, you’re spending more time at home than ever, you’ll already know how important it is that you love the space you live in. Well chosen coastal home decor will help add that cosy but bright feel to your home. While it’s similar to the ever-popular farmhouse aesthetic, it’s often brighter and slightly more popular with the whole family (I’m talking about you kids!).

The Nautical Decor Store has lots of coastal products which will look beautiful in any home. Here’s how to style them to ensure you’re getting the relaxed coastal finish you’re looking for.

1. Colour Is Everything

Stick to bright and airy colours throughout. White-washed walls will pick lots of natural light, and consider combining this with a selection of complimentary colours. Blues and greens work well, and you may want to consider adding navy accents to add depth. Accent colours can be easily added throughout a room through cushions, coasters and even featured ‘coffee table’ books.

2. Use Natural Materials

Adding natural materials in neutral tones will add to your coastal interior design style. It’s all about bringing the outdoors in, which will also soften the space and create that calm atmosphere. You could pop a hemp basket for blankets by your sofa, or even a rope-lined mirror on the wall.

3. Use Distressed Furniture (Carefully)

Decorate existing furniture with distressed paint to create a weather-worn aesthetic. This will work great with woven furniture or even outdoor furniture, so long as you add a sense of luxurious cosiness to them with cushions and throws. You could also opt to add driftwood furniture. While driftwood coffee tables can be expensive, driftwood mirrors are reasonably priced and will create a stunning centrepiece to your room!

4. Statement Lighting

A nautical or marine oversized pendant light will add a wow factor to any space, whether that’s your entrance hall or living room. By adding a stunning focal point to a room, particularly a room that’s been painted white, you’ll find the room comes together in seconds. Choose wicker or metal for soft light and a relaxing atmosphere in the evenings.

5. Layer, Layer, Layer

A calming coastal style will begin and end with layering. Keep your core textiles (sofa, curtains, etc) neutral but layer textures throughout. Your layers should use natural materials where possible, so think wicker, jute rugs, striped cotton cushions, etc.

If you’re looking for coastal decor for your home, visit The Nautical Decor Store today!

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