Teen Room Decor For Kids Who Love The Beach & Ocean!

So many kids out there love the beach, and so often, there just isn’t the decor out there to help them make their bedroom their own! So we’ve complied a list of the best room decor for teens who love surfing, swimming and sand!

1. Shell String Lights

These shell string lights will brighten up any bedroom but will also create some ambient lighting which is super cool! Buy them for $14.99.

2. Hamper Made From A Natural Material

This woven blue hamper can be used for laundry or for storage! The blue colour hints at the ocean without add a childish nautical theme, like anchors. Get it for $24.45.

3. Stunning Wicker Mirror

I don’t know a girl who wouldn’t fall in love with this stunning mirror! It’s $92.13 on Amazon and would suit any teen’s coastal bedroom. The natural wicker material is reminiscent of the beach. Boys might prefer something a little less ornate, like this mirror.

4. A Smart Lamp Where They Can Charge Their Phone Too!

This smart lamp is the perfect addition to any teen’s coastal room. It’s the perfect size for the nightstand and has a range of ports where they can charge their devices! Get it for $34.99 on Amazon!

5. Chic & Unique Rope Hammock Chair

If they have the space (and your ceiling can take the weight!), this truly unique hammock chair will impress all your teen’s friends. Get it for $48.99 on Amazon!

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  1. Anu

    Wow! these are some cool stuff for kids room decor.

  2. Jess

    I’m not a teen, but I definitely look beachy-themed rooms and think those shell lights are so neat! I could totally see teenagers loving those in their bedroom! x

  3. Joyce

    Wow great tips! Thanks for sharing this. I like them more than my kids by the way haha. So I’m considering some of these.

  4. Heather

    These are great options! My teen is going to be redecorating her room very soon.

  5. Cam

    That hamper is my favorite! My son’s room has pops of navy, and I think it would look great with his decor.

  6. Jay Aguirre

    Ooh what a nice collection you’ve presented here. Definitely looks like the perfect stuff for a beachy style room

  7. Melissa Cushing

    I love all of these beauty decor ideas and I especially love those seashell string lights! So cute and they will look amazing in a beach themed room!

  8. Shannon Gurnee

    These are some cute ideas! I love shell string lights! Our kids love lights hanging in their rooms.

  9. Catherine

    Love the light shells! What a cute idea and a nice decorative idea for the summer 🙂

  10. Puja

    Very useful info..weldone 👏

  11. Rach

    Love the hammock chair! These are such cute ideas, thanks for sharing!

  12. Sha

    These are so cute

  13. Mariam

    Such cute ideas, thank you for putting this list together!

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