Top 10 Best Waterproof Outdoor Rugs & Mats

Best Waterproof Outdoor Rugs

Are you planning to spend a lot of time outside this season? Add color and cozy comfort beneath your feet with the best waterproof outdoor rugs that will weather the elements.

One might think of rugs as an indoor item, but the outdoor rugs add a superclass to your patio, balcony, porch, or deck – protecting your flooring from pet paw prints, dirty shoes, and lawn debris. Indeed, outdoor rugs can make your outdoor living space a cozy extension of your home.

The thin line between indoor and outdoor continues to blur as people take huge advantage of longer days and warm temperatures by dining outside and spending leisure time onto patios, lawns, and decks.  Here, we have listed down the top best waterproof outdoor rugs that are high in demand.

10 Best Waterproof Outdoor Rugs List – Top Picks

1.      Reversible Mats 119127 Outdoor Patio

This reversible outdoor mat weights only 125.28 Ounces. It is available in two fantastic colors i.e. Brown and Beige. This waterproof outdoor mat is made of breathable material that protects it from damage from RV.   

This outdoor rug is coated with UV to minimize wear and tear even if it is left in the sun for long days. It is among the best polypropylene outdoor rugs because it is made of 100% virgin polypropylene. This property makes it durable and is equally soft on your barefoot. 

  • Light weight
  • Easy to carry as it comes with a carrying bag
  • UV coated
  • Easy to clean
  • Budget-friendly UV outdoor rug
  • 100% virgin polypropylene material that enhances its durability
  • Small size and only covers an area of 54 square feet

2.      GrassWorx Clean Machine High Traffic Astroturf Dirt Trapper

This multiple-purpose outdoor mat is the perfect choice for all homes and businesses as a welcome mat, patio mat, lobby mat, office mat, and side door/back doormat. The GrassWox waterproof outdoor rug provides the ultimate style and function for every doorway in your place.

This America-made mate is engineered with AstroTurf blades that are constructed to rid dirt, mud, snow, and sand away for a consistent, clean home. It is equipped with grass-like plastic blades that hold the dirt beneath the surface.

The GrassWorx Clean Machine outdoor rug is durable and easy to clean. It is designed to sustain in all kinds of weather. 

GrassWorx Clean Machine High Traffic Astroturf Dirt Trapper
  • Light weight
  • Constructed with AstroTurf blades that makes it the best dirt trapper
  • Durable
  • Low price
  • High quality and can be kept at your outdoor area for long years
  • Slightly rough to the touch

3.      Superio Non-Slip Welcome Doormat for Entry

This outdoor welcome mat is perfect for welcoming your guests in style and royalty. It is composed of non-slippery material that keeps the mat in place as your guests brush off their shoes. 

 The superior welcome doormat is designed with a strong rubber material that protects dirt, mud, snow, and other debris from entering your home. It is among the best outdoor mats that are incredibly dense, thick, and heavy. 

This outstanding doormat stays gorgeous with less maintenance. When it gets dirty, simply spot clean by brushing it off with a broom. It is designed to stay protected almost in all weather seasons. 

 Superio Non-Slip Welcome Doormat for Entry
  • Light weight
  • Eco-friendly
  • Highly durable
  • Made with rubber and artificial materials that can be kept outdoor for long time
  • Cost effective
  • Anti slippery and anti sliding
  • Waterproof and easily washable
  • Quite larger size so may not fit in front of small sized doors

4.      Round Rug Entryway Rug Outdoor Carpet

Unlike the traditional rectangular rugs, this round-shape outdoor carpet has ultimate class and royalty. It is made from high-quality, enhanced, and non-shedding premium polypropylene fibers that provide durability and comfort. It has a powerful loomed weave type that increases its durability and makes your feet feel soft and comforting. 

This lightweight outdoor waterproof rug is only 8mm thick with 63 inches in diameter. It is available in different color schemes and UR resistant. This helps to protect its color from fading over time. 

It is stylish, versatile, and amongst the best waterproof outdoor rugs for patios and indoor places such as bedrooms, living room, dining room, etc. 

Round Rug Area Rug Round Entryway Rug Outdoor
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Low price
  • It won’t smell like a fabric rug
  • Versatile to be used indoors and outdoors
  • Easily washable
  • Size is bit tiny and covers just a few foot

5.      JTL Floorings Cotton Checkered Outdoor Rug

This versatile outdoor rug is composed of 45% cotton, 45% Polyester, and 10% Viscose. It features environmental protection fabric that gives your outdoor and indoor area rug a high resistance to the elements.  

JTL flooring outdoor rug is 27.5” x 43”, 4” wider, and 9” longer. It is the perfect size outdoor rug for home entrance, porch décor, patio, and other places of your home. The water-resistant feature of this incredible rug makes it easy to maintain and enhances its durability. It is light-weight with weighs only 1.87 pounds. 

This checkered outdoor rug is UV-protected and thus won’t fade and won’t disintegrate like other rugs. It is composed of high-quality fabrics that won’t make this rug start to smell funky after a couple of uses. 

JTL Floorings Cotton Checkered Outdoor Rug Welcome Mat
  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Stylish design
  • Difficult to wash as it is longer in size than other outdoor rugs

6.      Camco 6’X9′ OUTDOOR MAT

If you are looking for basic, no-frills, easy to clean, and maintain outdoor rug, then Camco Open Air is the best choice.

This outdoor mat is made from woven plastic material that is UV treated for limiting sun damage. Along with the water-resistant feature, the rug is also mold and mildew-resistant. It also has durable edging, which helps to keep it from folds easily for storage.

USTIDE Cotton Buffalo Plaid Check Rug Black and White Rug Outdoor Porch Rugs
  • UV-protected
  • It breathes and does not hurt the grass
  • Easily cleanable
  • Maybe prone to tearing depending upon the surface

7.      nuLOOM Onyx Seashell Indoor/Outdoor Runner Rug

This stylish casual rug is the perfect choice to elevate coastal décor with its seashell pattern. It is water and stain resistant that increases its durability, and is counted among the best polypropylene outdoor rugs. The nuLOOM seashell rug is made of 90% Polypropylene and 10% Polyester.

 It is designed with resilience against wear and tear, and thus kid and pet friendly for high traffic home areas such as patio, living room, and hallways. 

The nuLOOM is easy to clean and is recommended to hose off dirt and stain removing with any carpet cleaner or a mild detergent. 

nuLOOM Onyx Seashell Outdoor Rug
  • Easy to clean
  • Easily washable
  • Water and stain-resistant
  • Durable
  • Slightly heavyweight

8.      REVERSIBLE MATS 226097 6-Feet x 9-Feet Outdoor

This reversible outdoor mat is made of 10% virgin polypropylene, which is a pretty high standard and amongst the best polypropylene outdoor rugs. 

It is resistant to mold, mildew, and water, making the fabric smell weird after a few uses. Moreover, this waterproof outdoor mat is UV-coated, and therefore, the colors do not fade with continued UV exposure. It is easy to clean and comes with its storage bag.  

REVERSIBLE MATS 226097 6-Feet x 9-Feet Outdoor
  • Breathes well and thus won’t damage the grass
  • Easy to clean
  • UV protected
  • Light weight
  • Size is slightly smaller and covers few square feet only

9.      Ming’s Mark Inc. BP8117 Mat Beach Paradise

If you are in search of a RV patio rug that fits well for your next beach trip, then Ming’s mark Beach Paradise is an excellent choice. It measures 8’ x 11’ and covers an area of 88 square feet. It is manufactured with 100% virgin polypropylene material that makes it the best RV and waterproof outdoor mat. 

Ming’s Mark comes with a carrying case that allows easy transportation. It is easy to clean once it accumulates an excessive amount of debris. 

  • Gives best beach vide
  • Easy cleaning
  • UV resistant
  • The rug size is a bit smaller
  • A bit heavy weight

10. Reversible Mats 119187 Outdoor Mat 

This reversible outdoor mat measures 9 ‘ x 18’ and covers an area of 162 square feet. It is available in a variety of color schemes and offers a breathable design. It is  UV-coated and hence prevents sun damages.

 It is made of 100% virgin polypropylene material that enhances its durability. This high-quality outdoor rug is relatively light-weight with weighs only 12.82 pounds, and comes with a carrying bag. 

Reversible Mats 119187 Outdoor Patio 9
  • Larger size
  • Breathable design
  • UV-coated
  • Mold & mildew resistant
  • A bit costly

What to Consider When Choosing Best Waterproof Outdoor Rug?

The following things you need to consider when buying an outdoor rug for your space:


Synthetic fiber rugs are favored because of their durability, vibrant color schemes, and mold & mildew resistance. These outdoor rugs are manufactured using polypropylene and have their own pros and cons. 

When choosing the outdoor rug, you will see the marketplace is categorized into two types of materials: natural fibers and synthetic. 

However, the natural fiber-based outdoor rugs are made from bamboo, sisal, and jute and are eco-friendly. These rugs are ideal for bringing in stylish texture that complements outer space.  

Color & Colorfastness 

 The synthetic and natural fiber outdoor rugscome inveritable colors and patterns. Stripes, geometrics are among the popular styles. However, bold floral, tropical looks and novel designs are also available. 


The same principles are applied for selecting the outdoor rug size as applied when determining the size of an indoor rug. 

You need to pay close attention to the structural architecture and arrangement of the furniture to determine the rug placement. For example, the entry rug is a functional addition to the doorstep. It blocks any dirt from entering inside the home. Long runner rugs cover areas such as porches, balconies, and narrow walkways. So, when covering the expansive area, select the rug that measures 12-24 inches. The following is the best rug sizes for various size areas:

Area Size (in feet)Rug Size (in feet)
4 x 6 to 5 x 73 x 5 
6 x 9 to 7 x 105 x 8
9 x 11 to 10 x 128 x 10
10 x 13 to 11 x 149 x 12
11 x 16 to 12 x 1712 x 14 

How to Maintain Your Outdoor Rugs?

  • Strictly follow the instructions included by the rug manufacturer
  • Clean both sides of your outdoor rug
  • Regularly vacuum synthetic rugs
  • Dab with a mild detergent or club soda to remove the stain on the jute rug
  • Properly roll the rug when you want to store it

Frequently asked Questions

Does outdoor rug damage concrete or a wood deck?

The outdoor rugs do not damage the deck. Since these rugs are made for outdoor usage, therefore, there is no risk to your concrete or wood surface. Their colors would not fade; they won’t melt in the sun. 

Instead, your outdoor rug will protect your deck from damages. Moreover, an outdoor carpet may be pretty slippery, so keeping a rug underlay with an anti-slip can be helpful. For keeping your rug in good condition for a long time, follow the following preventive measures:

  • Wash by hand, 
  • Use mild water – max 104°F
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean

What are outdoor rugs made of? How do they work?

Outdoor rugs are simply rugs, mats, or carpets designed for usage outside. They are made of weather-resistant materials that can tolerate rain, snow, and grime far better than typical indoor textiles.

Outdoor carpets are often comprised of densely flatwoven polypropylene with synthetic latex mixed in. These materials combine to create a rug that is both easy to clean and long-lasting.

Adding an outdoor rug to your patio, balcony, or garden will instantly make it feel more welcoming. You get a soft, colorful surface for your bare feet, and you won’t have to worry about it becoming spoiled if you leave it outside.

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