22 Coastal Design Bedroom Ideas

Coastal design style could be just right up your street if you live near the water or simply like an indoor space that reflects a casual, seafront ambiance. We chatted with coastal-themed interior designers who offered the crucial colors, design aspects, and style advice to keep in mind when remodeling your own house.

Check out a bunch of our favorite coastal-inspired bedroom designs from Houzz. We have linked every image to the designer so you can either look at more of their work or hire them yourself!

22 Coastal Bedroom Designs

1. White Oak Plank

Photo by Gaetano Hardwood Floors, Inc.Search bedroom pictures

2. Isle of Palms

Photo by Phillip Smith General Contractor, LLCBrowse bedroom photos

3. Coastal Virginia

Photo by Stephen Alexander Look for bedroom design inspiration

4. Axon Home

Photo by Axon HomesLook for bedroom pictures

5. Crocker Gambrel

Photo by Patrick Ahearn ArchitectBrowse bedroom photos

6. Cypress

Photo by Catlin DesignLook for bedroom design inspiration

7. Mid-Century

Photo by Corbin Reeves ConstructionBrowse bedroom photos

8. Boho Chic Style

Photo by Brass & Pine Homes and DesignSearch bedroom pictures

9. Rustic Designs

Photo by JNM Rustic DesignsDiscover bedroom design inspiration

10. Bayside Home

Photo by Coastal Custom Builders of NWFLMore bedroom ideas

11. Relax Inn

Photo by Cynthia Childs, ArchitectLook for bedroom design inspiration

12. Bliss Cottage

Photo by Sarah SchmidtDiscover bedroom design inspiration

13. Ocean Drive

Photo by Krista + HomeLook for bedroom design inspiration

14. Rosemont

Photo by Convene ArchitectureBrowse bedroom ideas

15. Sea Haven

Photo by Studio G HomeLook for bedroom design inspiration

16. Coronado

Photo by Burnham DesignMore bedroom ideas

17. Breeze

Photo by Krista + HomeSearch bedroom design idea

18. Conch Cottage

Photo by Kim WoodsLook for bedroom design inspiration

19. Wave n Sea

Photo by Euroline Steel WindowsDiscover bedroom design inspiration

20. Traditional

Photo by Cottage Company of Harbor SpringsMore bedroom ideas

21. Coastal Luxe

Photo by JLV CreativeBrowse bedroom ideas

22. Bridgestone

Photo by Coleman Builders, LLCSearch bedroom design ideas

What Is a Coastal Style of Design?

Coastal design is defined by the use of color and pattern to reflect genuine beach elements such as waves, sand, and sky there in the home. It is frequently mixed up with the oceanic contemporary design. What Is a Coastal Style of Design?

Coastal design is defined by the use of color and shape to mimic natural beach characteristics such as waves, sand, and sky there in the home. It is frequently mixed up with maritime styling.

“Coastal style has always been about the sensation of tranquility and fun that you have of being near the water,” says designer Caroline Kopp. And the style isn’t anything new. “Coastal design has been like this for centuries,” designer Amy Leferink explains, “largely because it was the process in which individuals embellished their waterfront or seaside homes.” The style began in the late 1800s in the Hamptons and has since spread throughout the country, though it takes on multiple variations depending on the area, according to creative director Andra Currently maintains.

“Varnished dark wood makes an appearance in more traditional Northeastern homes,” she says. “You may notice lighter woods in the Southern states that have become greyed due to salt water and air exposure. More answers to the question of a coastal building can be found in the warmer temperatures of Florida and California.”

The Crucial Elements

Designers point out that the coastal design is determined by the usage of a few different color families. “By choosing the proper colors, someone can bring seaside style into their environment,” designer Nicole Martel explains. “Neutrals are always a safe bet, but for something more exciting, consider bright and airy colors with flashes of navy, or varied hues of greens and blues (think sea glass).” “The elements of coastal style are pulled from the moisture: think sandy, clouds, as well as the sea,” says Kopp, summarizing the whole theme.

Because you’ll want to avoid dramatic prints like leopard and ikat, Martel says you could still experience some pattern play with checkered fabrics, which are “always just a terrific way to lean into another seaside style.”

After you’ve decided on a few comforting colors to guide your interior decoration strategy, it’s an opportunity to focus on leading players in coastal design, according to Martel: lighting as well as mouthfeel. “Many people disregard lighting, but we consider it as a key part in coastal design,” she continues. “To give rooms the right seaside vibe, designers love to utilize wood beaded or capiz chandelier and playful lanterns with coastal features.”

Of course, these types of light fixtures will provide texture to a space, but Martel thinks there are other methods to create curiosity. “Consider furniture and accessories with marine finishes, woven hardwood accented with gray crown molding, sisal or jute carpets, and wallpaper lined with white wainscoting. The options are limitless.” Kopp concurs. “I try to incorporate natural materials like jute, denim, and sandstone to create a casual, easygoing atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re on vacation,” she explains.

And, as Martel recommends, and do not be scared to mix things up a little. “Now to nail the style, mix and match within another space.”

Advice on Interior Design

Isn’t it true that you’re not near the water? With art, you may feign it a little. “We love using water and skies as a motif in photographs because it’s a terrific way to collect the essence of the shore even if you would not have a clear view of the ocean,” says Kopp.

However, there is a crucial distinction to keep in mind while choosing artwork and accessories. “Don’t mix up coastal and nautical,” warns Maloney. “Anchors, seashells, and cabana stripes are maritime, not coastal, design elements. Don’t go overboard with your decor.”

While coastal design bedrooms can indeed be experienced anyplace, there are some unique considerations to make when redecorating a property that is genuinely by the sea. “With fabrics and furnishings, coastal particularly demanding a laidback attitude,” says Kopp. “You wanted components that can last a long time and won’t be ruined by damp swimming suits or a swarm of children.”


Last but not least, consider how you may practice “streamlined living,” as described by designer Courtnay Tartt Elias. “Being in the South and near the water means there’s a lot of focus on outdoor/indoor areas,” she explains. As a result, she goes on to say, “There’s a strong desire to bring the relaxing essence of the outdoors indoors where blur the distinction between two. This emotion or desire, I suppose, is what propelled coastal architecture forward.”

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